Amosu launches gold and diamond BlackBerry Pearl range

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Looking to impress at the next board meeting? The gold and diamond BlackBerry Pearl range from Amosu should do the trick.

There are three models to choose from – the Amosu BlackBerry Pearl Gold Edition (in solid white gold, yellow gold or platinum), the Amosu BlackBerry Pearlific (made from solid gold with diamonds) and the limited edition Amosu BlackBerry Pearl Diamond, modelled in solid gold and hand cut diamonds. Obviously there’s nothing technically different to a standard BlackBerry Pearl.

Each one is made to order and if your handset goes out of date, Amosu will even recycle your diamonds to your new handset. Prices start at a whopping £12,000, but that does include membership to a bespoke concierge service, with Amosu promising you everything from front row seats to fashion shows to a fully chartered private yacht at the press of a button. Although neither of those things will be free.

Amosu (via Switched On Set)

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