BitTorrent debuts ad-supported live-streaming films & TV, 'Watch Now'

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Here’s one for the landlubbin’ pirates amongst us…oh hai, it’s everyone, is it? Everyone’s favourite online property, BitTorrent has just launched a massive ‘Watch Now’ live-streaming section, with over 1,000 films and TV episodes, all for free.

For close to a year now I’ve been pushing friends into live-streaming through sites like Joox and WatchTvSitcoms instead of using trusty ol’ BitTorrent, but it looks like I may end up back at the site. This time, though, instead of waiting ages for a possibly-shitty huge download, we can simply live-stream, in full-screen size, whilst BitTorrent makes revenue off us through the advertising on the streams.

To use the P2P streaming service, not only will you have to live in the US, but you’ll need to install BitTorrent DNA, an app which is bundled with their mainline client. Not only will the stream download data, but it will also upload to other people, watching the same stream, just like your usual BitTorrent downloading sesh.

The beta-launch, if successful, will be made available to the rest of the world next year, once sponsors are secured for those countries.

Nothing of much interest appears to be up as yet, but with time, I’m sure we’ll see some high-profile shows. Just look at competitor Joost and how long it took them to start offering decent content.

BitTorrent’s ‘Watch Now’ (via TorrentFreak)

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