Now BitTorrenting is killing the pr0n industry


empornium.jpgThose pesky kids. If they’re not downloading illegal albums by the dozen or grabbing movies that aren’t even on DVD yet, they’re filling their hard drives with unpaid-for porn. This, at least, was the conclusion drawn by a summit convened by the adult entertainment industry.

Sample quote: “This is so pervasive, and we all kind of laughed when they came for the record industry – ‘Eh, couldn’t touch us’ – but here it is, a lot of people on the verge of extinction almost, from a business point of view.” That’s Andrew Blake talking from Studio A Entertainment. Heaven knows what that ‘A’ stands for.

Apparently piracy is costing the industry $2bn a year, with adult-focused BitTorrent trackers like Empornium (pictured), PureTnA and Cheggit taking an increasingly large share. One solution may be to create an industry body that’s the equivalent of music industry body the RIAA, to trace pirates and sue their arses until they pay up. Good luck with that.

(via TorrentFreak)

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