The InterOffice Envelope Sleeve – yet another hilarious and ironic MacBook Air envelope case


So. To recap. Last week we had the Studio Leung MacBook Air bag. Before that we had the AirMail Envelope Case and then something from Belkin. There are going to be more MacBook Air bags than MacBook Airs at this rate.

And now there is this – The InterOffice Envelope Sleeve. It’s another help-my-sides-are-bursting amusing take on the Steve Jobs manilla envelope revelation moment, only, brace yourselves, this one has a ZIP, is waterproof and you can have your name embroidered on it for an extra $24.


“Did you know that the MacBook Air notebook sleeve from InterOfficeMac has a zipper to secure your MacBook Air… Don’t trust your $3000 investment to a little red string like the other notebook sleeves!” say the proud makers, on its bizarre little page.

A Steve Jobs action figure and duvet set for the increasingly odd and Steve-obsessed Mac community is surely only a matter of months away.

(Via InterOfficeMac)

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