Snoop Dogg twizzles his nizzle on Twitter

Web 2.0

snoop-dogg-twitter.jpgImagine the problems Snoop Dogg would have if his keyboard’s ‘z’ key packed up. He’d be stuck! Thankfully, it’s not happened yet, and Snoop is proving his Web 2.0 credentials by launching his very own Twitter feed.

I’m sure it’s written by a flunkey Snoop, too, although it has to be said, his posting rate is somewhat lackadaisical – he’s only tweeted twice so far, on the 19th and 21st February. That’s not what you call dropping it while it’s hot.

Still, he’s got nearly 250 followers at the time of writing, so hopefully Snoop will pull his finger out and start posting regularly.

Snoop Dogg Twitter feed

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