Rock's Xtreme SL8 – its NVIDIA 8800M GTX-powered SLi quad-core MONSTER laptop

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rock-xtreme-sl8-quad-core.jpgHardcore power laptop specialist Rock has just announced its new Xtreme SL8, which it believes to have the hardest-rocking graphics card combo of any laptop on the market right now.

Coming with two NVIDIA 8800M GTX graphics cards for full SLi dual-processing power and an Intel Quad-core brain, it’s pretty hard to argue with its power boasts. Plus the SL8 can also be fitted with a 1TB RAID array for storage space beyond your wildest storage space fantasies.

It’s quite a step-up from the Eee PC in terms of power and capabilities.

The 17″ Xtreme SL8 goes on sale in mid-Feb, for between £2500 and £3500 depending on how maxed-out you need it and if you want to go for the full 4GB of RAM and vastest possible RAID.

(Via Rock)

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