Dixons Group to stop selling analogue TVs


tv_logo.jpgIn a move which they claim is a first for a UK retailer, the Dixons Group (DSG International) has stopped placing orders with manufacturers for analogue TVs, which of course means that once their current stock is gone, they’ll only sell digital TVs.

They’ve also said that they won’t sell DVD recorders which have only an analogue TV tuner fitted.

It’s part of a committed effort by the chain, which includes high-street stores Currys and PC World, and Dixons online, to make customers aware of the digital switchover. They believe that almost one-third of tellies sold in the UK are still analogue, and while the majority of those can be converted to digital by adding a separate digital receiver such as Freeview or Sky, that’s not good enough.

“We believe that it is appropriate to ensure that our customers are able to select from a future-proof range of televisions,” said Peter Keenan, the Currys managing director.

Please, oh please, Mr Dixon, will you ensure that your staff know the difference between analogue, digital, and “HD Ready” TVs? You do know that people are going to ask, right?

If you remember, Dixons also tried to kill 35mm cameras, analogue radios, and the VCR.

(Via The Guardian)

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Andy Merrett
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  • Dixons always do this PR crap and all it is is a cynical attempt to make the news and get cheap publicity. VHS players were available from Dixons Group stores (all of them) months after their announcement that they were “dropped”.

    They’re just playing the media.

  • I think Currys has the right idea. After all, there’s still elderly and technically-declined people buying analogue-only tellys with no idea that the tuner is going to stop working — and they’re exactly the people that’ll have difficulty with setting-up and using a set-top-box. I’d like to see warning labels fixed to analogue tellys as per this petition to the government:

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