Dixons calls time on 35mm cameras


Dixons, the UK’s largest High Street electronics retailer, says it is pulling the plug on analogue SLR cameras. The store blames weak demand as more and more punters upgrade to digital snappers and camera phones.
Apparently digital cameras now outsell 35mm cameras by 15 to one.
"Time and technology move on … digital cameras are now the rule, rather than the exception. We have decided that the time is now right to take 35mm cameras out of the frame," said Bryan Magrath, marketing director at Dixons.

However just like Dixon’s announcement last year that it was to pull the plug on the VHS VCR, when in fact it continued to sell video recorders in limited quantities, there’s some smoke and mirrors going on again here. The retailer said it would continue to sell a limited range of 35mm cameras until its stocks ran out and specialist 35mm cameras would continue to be sold at the company’s tax-free airport stores.
What next? Dixons to cease stocking DVD players by Christmas?

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