MPIO releases world's smallest digital player

MP3 players

Yup, we got another gadget which claims that it’s the world’s smallest (in this case) digital media player. The MPIO One has a small 65k colour screen an inch across, and can play MPEG4, DivX, AVI, and WMV format movies, as well as being able to play JPEG photo slideshows. The player weighs a miniscule 35g and measures a teensy 32x55m and pleasingly supports OGG and WMA audio formats as well as MP3. The battery life is purported to be 15 hours. All very cool, but you have to wonder: would you really want to watch a movie on a screen an inch across?

In any case, the players are available now for £119 for the 256MB version, £139 for the 512MB, and £179 for the 1GB version. Also included is software to transcode movies on your PC.


Chris Cornwell
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