Currys stops selling energy-guzzling patio heaters

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patio_heater.jpgCurrys, ever keen to announce that they’ve stopped selling something that’s either unfashionable or environmentally unfriendly, has told the British public that they’ll no longer be stocking patio heaters in any of their stores.

According to recent reports, using a patio heater for two hours produces the same amount of carbon dioxide as a car produces on an average day, adding 380,000 tonnes to Britain’s annual CO2 emissions.

Given the Great British weather, it’s no surprise that many people have decided to install outdoor heaters, particularly as a certain genre of DIY / home improvement telly programmes have encouraged doing wonderful and expensive things in the garden.

A couple of years ago, Currys announced that they’d start selling solar panels in a select number of stores. Perhaps they’d consider some kind of combined product, which laps up the two days of sun we get each year and magically emits heat for your patio for the other 363. Hey, it only needs a small miracle.

Looks like we’ll either have to brave the cold, stay indoors, start a lot of garden fires, or emigrate somewhere warmer.

Currys is keen to label itself as a green company. Amanda Clift, head of brand, Currys, comments: “Currys is committed to making progress on the green agenda and we are concerned with how widely available these products are. These products make it all too easy to turn to a gas canister to keep warm and we hope that other retailers will follow suit.”

Last year, the retailer introduced a standby saver which cuts the energy supply to products left on standby, launched the UK’s first digital set top box approved by the Energy Savings Trust, and stopped selling conventional light bulbs.

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  • Its a shame they have stopped selling patio heaters but I suppose its for a good reason

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