CES 2008: Logitech's new diNovo Mini wireless keyboard works a treat with your home entertainment set-up

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CES hasn’t even started yet, but whaddya know, we’ve managed to get a scoop on a massive product Logitech’s launching out here this year. Massive as in, massively useful and important, not massive size-wise. As you can tell in the video above, it’s a far cry from the previous large model.

diNovo-Mini-Logitech.jpgOut this month, the £99.99 diNovo Mini is a cordless mini keyboard that controls your home entertainment PC. As I demonstrate in the video above, you can use it with your TV, hooked up to your PC, running Windows Media Center. Watching TV, browsing the web, listening to music, looking at photos and playing Windows games becomes so much easier with the diNovo, which is also compatible with the Sony PS3. Working with XP or Vista only, this will make home cinemaphiles very happy chappies.

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Katherine Hannaford
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  • Weird that there is a transparant plastic cover on the product… In my opinion, It’s a useless product feature. There really is no need for it. It also looks kind of ridiculous when in use / opened up… In my opinion, it makes the unit too big, and when lying on the couch, the cover sometimes blocks my sight towards the tv sceen.;) I wish Logitech would take the transparant cover off in the next version and also support apple’s leopard software. This wireless keyboard rocks with any mac mini!!! Cheers, T.G.

  • why there’s no “ALT” key?

    for instance in windows mode, we can use it for task switching (ALT+tab)… ??

  • This is absolutly perfect. Microsoft since you didnt want to give me drivers for the Xbox360 Chatpad you can go to the back of the line…..go on get in the back.

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