w00t! w00t! Merriam-Webster high-fives new word


woot.gifThe excitable visitors of Merriam-Webster’s website have crowned “w00t” as word of the year. They got to choose from twenty words and phrases picked from those most searched for on the dictionary’s site.

It’s not been included in the print dictionary yet. If it ever makes it, I’m wondering where it will be listed. Should it be based on ASCII codes, with the zero taken into consideration as a substitute for the letter O, and hence listed in first place? Or does it come somewhere between “woolly” and “woozy”?

In second place came “facebook”, which means to add someone to a list of friends or to search for people using Facebook. I wonder if they’ll throw a strop like Google did?

Expect more vowel- and letter-challenged Web 2.0 “words” to make it within spitting distance of dictionaries in the coming year.

(Via PCPro)

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Andy Merrett
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