The seven Next Big Web 2.0 Things (according to Silicon Valley experts)

Web 2.0

crystal-ball-web20.jpgTwitter? Schmitter! Facebook? SO early 2007. iLike? Don’t make me laugh! All of these companies are OLD HAT when it comes to Web 2.0 buzz, if you’re a zeitgeist-surfing web evangelist looking for bleeding-edge new beta stars. Or something.

Anyway, a panel of West Coast gurus convened for the Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford event this week, and they made their predictions for the next big Web 2.0 success stories. I’ve stripped out the seven most interesting, and they are:

Polyvore (start or discover new trends by creating an online scrapbook)
Weebly (Drag’n’drop blogging and website creation)
TokBox (free video calling widget)
Auctomatic (Ninja-level eBay auction management software)
Meraki (share your broadband connection with neighbours)
Fluther (Ask any question and ‘tap the collective’ for an answer)
Iminlikewithyou (create games, draw stuff and flirt with people)

So there you have it. If you have millions of dollars lying around looking for an investment opportunity, get in quick!

(via New Scientist)

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