Mobiblu unveils cuboid Nanum MP3 player

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Well, it’s way easy to wrap, if you buy one for a Christmas or birthday present. That’s the biggest selling point of Mobiblu’s new Nanum player, although the downside if you fancy it for a festive gift is that it’s only on sale in South Korea.

Still, if you’re heading to Seoul to do your Christmas shopping, the Nanum has 1GB of memory, plays MP3, WMA and WAV files (does anyone every actually put WAV files on their digital music player, out of interest?), and offers USB 2.0 data transfer.

Oh, and it unfolds into a cross shape and comes in red, white or light green models. The cross aspect is strange: perhaps Mobiblu could rebadge it as the first truly Christian MP3 player over here in Europe. Perhaps.

(via Engadget)

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