BreakUpEmail: the fresh new startup helping you dump your tired old partner

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breakupemail.jpgBreaking up via email is, frankly, a bit old-fashioned. A few years ago you might’ve seemed like a complete bastard modernist for doing it, but email’s time as the tech-head’s dumping mechanism of choice is gone. It’s all about delivering the news via a Facebook status update nowadays, daddio.

However, for those of you still wedded to email split-ups, BreakUpEmail will appeal. It promises to save time by helping you construct your so-long-sucker missive by simply ticking boxes. Options include ‘he/she has body odour issues’, ‘he/she is too clingy’, and the pithy ‘he/she is an asshole’ among many more.

It even has options to say if you want to stay friends, and some handy lines to include (including the old favourite, “It’s not you, it’s me”). At the end, you get some text to paste into an email, and job done. Now. if they could only make a version to generate text messages…

BreakUpEmail website

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