eStarling launches connected photo frame with its own email address


estarling-photoframe.jpgKorean firm eStarling has launched an eight-inch photo frame with 128MB of internal memory, Wi-Fi for transferring your snapshots on, and a screen resolution of 800×600 pixels. That’s not the interesting part though.

See, rather than just sticking shots of yourself and family / friends / pets on it, you can set it up to subscribe to RSS photo feeds from sites like Flickr and Picasa, or if you’ve got a Photobucket account, you can let it access ALL of your photos in a slideshow stylee. What’s more, each frame has its own email address, allowing you to send pictures to other people’s frames, or receive them from your mobile phone.

I’d worry though: if you have an email-enabled photo frame, surely it’s only a matter of time before it starts getting spam, and displaying ‘Bigger pen!s will open new exciting horizons of sensual pleasure for you‘ messages when your parents come to visit…


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Stuart Dredge
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