Mobiblu Cube2 – music and video playback on a one-inch player

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We’ve covered Mobiblu’s range of miniature MP3 players previously, but as a new one has just hit these shores, it seems rude not to give it a mention. It’s the Mobiblu Cube2 – just 25.4mm x 25.4mm x 25.4mm (that’s around one inch) in size – and it can playback video.

Admittedly, video playback isn’t going to be all that on a 65K colored OLED (4 lines), but it’s something to impress your friends with (as long as they’ve got the eyesight for it). Other features include MP3/WMA music playback, FM radio, FM and voice recording, music fade in and a sleep function if you forget to switch off.

The Cube2 also features 3D surround sound and can function as an alarm clock, with the option of waking you up with your favourite music. The rechargeable battery should give you around 10 hours of playback in total.

Available now as either a 1GB or 2GB player, you can pick it up for £85 or £119 respectively.

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