Mobiblu Cubisto – another "world's smallest" MP3 player

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I’m always fascinated by the Mobiblu players – smaller by the month, they’ll soon be implanted into your thumbnail. Until that day, you’ll have to make do with the slightly more bulky Cubisto, which is still the smallest full-featured player on the market.

This scratchproof and lightweight player (just 18g) still packs in the features – but you might struggle to see some of them. First off, there’s a tiny OLED display for track names, settings, and battery status. The 2GB Cubisto supports MP3, WMA (including DRM) and OGG files, has an FM tuner, along with FM recorder and voice recorder and if you look very closely, a clock with alarm function.

And rather cleverly, it has a multifunction headphone jack for audio out, USB connectivity and charging port. The rechargeable battery should give you about 10 hours’ use.

If you want something small, it’s worth a look – if you can find it. The Cubisto retails for £69.

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