iPhone will raise the bar for "cumbersome" mobile music, says Warner Music chairman

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bronfman.jpgSo much for the mobile industry’s attempts to persuade everyone to download music to their phones. According to Warner Music Group chairman Edgar Bronfman Jr, it’s not working very well.

“It’s expensive, it’s complicated and it’s slow,” he told a panel audience at 3GSM this week. “It’s amazing we’ve generated as much revenue as we have given how cumbersome the experience can be.” He also pointed out that even buying a ringtone from your operator can often require up to 20 key-presses. The solution? iPhone. Well, kind of.

“Before it’s even hit the market it has raised the bar in terms of what users expect with a user interface and what music phones should do,” he said. “Now it’s up to other mobile phone makers to meet users’ expectations. “For those who invent with a similarly inspiring vision, the opportunity is immense.”

(via Yahoo News)

Stuart Dredge
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