The Walkstation is available now for lunatics to order


walkstation-made.jpgThe incredibly cutting-edge Walkstation we mentioned a while back has finally gone into production!

This is great news for anyone insane or self-important enough to think that they need to be on the internet or doing work for those few minutes they WASTE having a bit of a jog on the running machine.

Look at that photo. You can just about imagine Mariah Carey prancing about on one while emailing her stylist about types of dress and possible matching types of hair and shoes, but that’s about it.

Tech Digest’s Walkstation sales prediction: One. To Mariah Carey.

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One thought on “The Walkstation is available now for lunatics to order

  • I can answer a lot of the questions here since I have been at a treadmill desk of my own now for 2 months. First, it works. I had back issues that have disappeared. I sleep like a baby at night and during the day I feel like I am on drugs….the good kind, endorphins. I walk 6 – 8 miles a day in my home office and sweating is not an issue unless I want to ramp it up a little while I am reading on the internet. I have lost 18 pounds already so I am a convert. The cost of the WalkStation is a concern for me but there is another product that offers more flexibility to use you own treadmill during the day as a desk and for exercise after work. It is called the TrekDesk. Pricing isnt set yet but it states on the TrekDesk website that it is going to be very affordable. They also are offering a pretty snazzy exercise ball chair that swings onto the treadmill (or off) for those moments when you have to sit. The website is and has a lot of information on studies which focus on the long term benefits of walking. Hope this helps.

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