NaturBus: the bus powered by horses on a treadmill. Really.



Ever heard that old statistic about how it was faster to get across London in the days of horse-drawn carts than it is nowadays? It’s enough to make you want to saddle up and gallop down Oxford Street with gay abandon.

However, it seems horses may still have a role to play in urban transport. Unfortunately for them, it involves running on a treadmill inside a bus, providing the power to make it move. It’s the work of Dubai-based company Fleethorse (or it’s an elaborate spoof, of course).

The pros? Well, it’s environmentally friendly. The cons? There’s not much room for people on the bus, what with all those horses on board. Bonkers or brilliant? Let us know by posting your comments, and click on the jump below to watch the promotional video.

Fleethorse website (via TreeHugger)

Stuart Dredge
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