All across Europe, people are sniffling over the sold-out LG Viewty

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iphone-LG-Viewty.jpgWe’ve all heard about the Viewty handset from LG, and it’s reputed iPhone killing skillz, why, I bet we’ve all heard the story about when the two met in that dive bar down in Hackney and the carnage caused by the spec’d up Viewty. Well. It appears the general public thinks the phone is pretty special too, as it’s sold out in Europe in less than a month.

All 200,000 units sent to 14 European countries disappeared from shelves in just three weeks, with waiting lists being recorded in every country.

Someone in their advertising department better sort out their advertising sales, however – I took this photo just this morning at my local London bus stop on the way to work. The Apple iPhone and LG Viewty are on a perpetual advert-roll alongside a HMV ad, with the iPhone placed in the middle of the three, guaranteeing it double the exposure. Nice.

(via Pocket Picks)

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