Coke teams up with Joost for Web TV widget


coke-bubbles-joost.pngExciting news if you’re a Joost user: you can now send clips from the Telly 2.0 service’s channels to friends. But weirdly, Joost has teamed up with Coca-Cola to do it.

How? Well, it’s a widget called Coke Bubbles. You start watching a show, and then press the ‘Create Bottle’ option in the widget, before using sliders to set what clip you want to send. Then type in a comment, enter your mate’s email address, and Bob’s your Web 2.0 uncle.

It sounds like a neat and slick feature, but I can’t help wondering why this isn’t just part of Joost, rather than being branded as a Coke widget. But while Joost is on a widget tip, I’d love to see one that lets me transfer Joost shows onto my iPhone to watch later…

Coke Bubbles website (via PaidContent)

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