Shiny Video Review: Navman S90i Satellite Navigation System

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Navman’s newest GPS range is more about accessibility than new features – changing the external appearance and interface of a gadget oft feared by technophobes. The S90i is the flagship, bells and whistles model in the new S series. Has the company succeeded with it? Watch on.


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Katherine Hannaford
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  • ive been trying to sort out problem with my s90i for mouths no one from naveman never getback to you

  • Hi i bought a navman in NZ .Back in South Africa.Did you found a map for SA. Please let me know.thanks

  • hi johan,
    did you managed to get any maps for your navman. i am also looking for sa maps for my navman!

  • Hi,I purchase a Navman S90i in Australia and i live in South Africa.Now i have a problem i can’t get the street map of South Africa.
    What can i do Please heilp.

  • Supposedly the cherry (or top banana) of the Navman In-Car range …. but its actually a lemon !

    I have a Navman S90i. Through normal use, a bug in the operating software rendered my S90i completely and instantly useless.

    It is stuck in a loop between the splash screen and a re-occurring message, with no choice of exit or any other way to break the cycle. Even turning it off for any length period does not help.

    I have contacted technical assistance through the Navman website and no support has been forthcoming.

    So, my lovely, brand new and top-of-the-line Navman is currently a very expensive paper-weight, as it has no other useful purpose.

    You would not want to trust the S90i to get you out of trouble. In an instant, it can bug out on you … and you are on your own.

    My Navman case ID number for my reported technical problem is 419466 … and if anyone from Navman eventually cares to get back to me about this problem … please do so !

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