Navman and Thomson reveal top 10 Brit holiday destinations

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I’m guessing that the vast majority of Navman sat nav units bought in this country never make it out of their hometowns, let alone out of the country. But despite that, the firm has teamed up with travel agents Thomson to reveal the top 20 holiday destinations. And as you would expect, Majorca tops the list.

That’s followed by hippy hideaway Ibiza and the slightly more cosmopolitan Cape Verde. Then a return to form with Tenerife, Gran Canaria and the Costa del Sol. So I think we can forget those points of interest – essentially, everyone just wants to lie around like beached whales.

Navman has Navpix of the top 20 places available to download if you’re interested in heading overseas. Or if you want to see the full top 20 listing, read on after the turn.

Top 20 Holiday Destinations

1. Majorca
2. Ibiza
3. Cape Verde
4. Tenerife
5. Gran Canaria
6. Costa del Sol
7. Minorca
8. Corfu
9. Paris
10. Cyprus
11. Algarve
12. Amsterdam
13. Tuscany
14. Bulgaria
15. Egypt
16. Jamaica
17. Dubrovnik
18. Mexico
19. Salzburg
20. Dominican Republic

Navman website

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