RUEBEN the ROBOT vintage travel alarm



Rueben the clock-bot is 16cm tall, 10cm wide, and made from a vintage 1940’s Westclox bakelite travel alarm, bakelite #7 pool ball, old faucet handle, bakelite dice and vintage wood dominos. Since Rueben sports a vintage alarm, he also helps you do a cubist re-enactment of Day of the Triffids. $55. [GT]

Rueben the clock-bot

Gabrielle Taylor
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One thought on “RUEBEN the ROBOT vintage travel alarm

  • Erm…that particular travel alarm clock is highly collectible ranging anywhere between $50 up to several hundred dollars depending on condition and original box/receipt.

    So somebody took a collectors item, added crap to it, and is selling it for less than it would have went in it’s original condition… move.

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