Koreans lining up 3.6gbps "4G" mobile data format


korean-4g-protocol.jpgThe Korean Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute is finalising the spec of its fourth-gen mobile data format, with a ludicrously fast 3.6 gigabits-per-second protocol favourite to become its entry in the upcoming 4G format wars.

Not that anyone really cares about 3G yet, or uses their mobiles for anything other than texting mum about how late they’ll be, but still. It’ll be something good to boast about having.

The Korean Institute reckons that by around 2012 we’ll be able to stream high-definition content to mobile devices through these next-gen data formats, with the 4.7GB content of a standard DVD able to copy across a suitable network in a shade over ten seconds. iTunes will be very happy that.

(Via Far East Gizmos)

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Gary Cutlack
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