3 launches HSDPA 'Turbo' mobile broadband service


3-logo%5B4%5D.jpg3 has launched its new Mobile Broadband service, offering HSDPA speeds of up to 2.8Mbps on the go for laptop users, via a USB modem. It’ll use 3’s new ‘Turbo’ network that starts rolling out nationally from 4th September.

There’s three pricing options. Broadband Lite costs £10 a month with a 1GB allowance. Broadband Plus is £15 a month with a 3GB allowance, while Broadband Max is £25 a month with a 7GB allowance. In all cases, if you go over your data limit, you start paying 10p per megabyte. The modem is £0-£99 depending what tariff and how long you sign up for.

How does it compare with the competition? Well, T-Mobile offers a 3G modem on a £29 a month Web’n’Walk tariff, which gives unlimited data (apart from Voice over IP). Meanwhile, Vodafone has a 3G £25 a month deal with an allowance of 3GB.

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  • I have just bought the 3 usb broadband. I can only use it in 1 room standing on 1 leg whilst holding the laptop out of the window. There is a socket on the modem for an aerial but i cannot find any info of what type or where to buy one from. Does anyone know? It would be much appreciated from me and my leg especially.

  • Got to agree with Ceejay. I live in South Yorkshire. The signal here is strong and download speeds are fine – comparable with the Demon landline broadband I have just cancelled. The great advantage to me is that I’ve been able to cancel my BT line and I’m saving loads of money. I’m really happy with it.

  • I just signed up for this service yesterday. I have been with t-mobile and recently moved house. At my new address i was only able to get a max of 50kbps with a signal booster.

    I am currently download music from i-tunes at 392kbps as I write this message.

    Happy customer. I think the above comments do hold some relevance, but each service covers different areas with different levels of service. I think you need to find which company provides the best service in your own individual area.

    3 have allowed me 3 days to try the service, if i am not satified I can return the package and they will cancel my contract – no questions asked. This is clearly shown on my contract.

    So far so good and I am happy with the service.

  • UK readers : before subscribing to this new service have a read of this >1100 post thread (link below) on Irish users experience with the service and with 3 Customer support. Their appalling product and service has been highlighted on Irish national radio. Introduced end May 2007, this has got to be the worst example of a service launch – promised speeds of upto 3.6Mbps and only able to deliver circa 80kbps. Many of the most popular websites are unuseable – eg Youtube videos are throttled, Gmail and Ebay accounts inaccessible, no SMTP server, and regular download failure. No proactive communication from the Company and downright lies from their customer service and PR staff – on national radio too!. I had to threaten Court action to terminate my contract with them and get a refund. I would advise anyone thinking of subscribing to this service to stay well away from it, at least until they get their act together.

    link :

    (if the editor wants to verify this in any way please email and I will respond with my real name and contact details)

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