Nokia getting in on the touchscreen thing with updated Symbian S60 OS

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symbian-browser.jpgButtons are so last-generation right now. Nokia’s rather awesome S60 Symbian mobile phone operating system is getting upgraded to feature modern, fashionable, stylish touchscreen capabilities, in a move that’s sure to have Apple quaking in its boots – or at least consulting its lawyers.

The one particularly innovative feature Nokia’s revealed is support for tactile feedback, with users able to feel a satisfying vibration when selecting an option. Existing S60 3rd Edition apps will run on the new system, plus support for sensor technology that detects the phone’s orientation and external lighting conditions should make iPhone rip-off applications appear in droves – and the Flash-enabled updated S60 browser will make YouTube work on a mobile for once. Just make sure you’re not paying for each megabyte.

Expect new S60 mobiles with fancy touch features to start appearing in 2008. A bewildering YouTube demonstration is available now.

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