Shiny Video Interview: Dr. Tanya Byron on the Byron Review into gaming

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Dr. Tanya Byron, best known as a TV parenting shrink, has been commissioned by the UK government to conduct an independent study with a wide remit on gaming, covering whether games are harmful and if so, what can be done to protect children. Online gaming and Internet use are also covered by the study which is largely based on two “calls for evidence”. These ask adults and, most importantly, children to give their opinions on the benefits and potential pitfalls of gaming. The review aims to be fair to the gaming industry in a way the mainstream media often has not been.

Here, Alex talks to Dr. Byron about the possible cynicism of gamers towards the review and her personal views on gaming as a child psychology expert and parent.

You can get involved with the study by responding to the call for evidence online.

Tune in later for an interview with MD of Electronic Arts Keith Ramsdale responding to the study as part of the London Gaming Festival, of which he is Chair.

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