Taint your pure Nintendo DS with a smutty crossword puzzle game from The Sun


the-sun-DS-game.jpgGoodness knows what kind of words would appear in a crossword puzzle in jubblies-filled newspaper The Sun, but chances are, they’d be decidedly NSFW. Or kids, who are the primary demographic for the Nintendo DS.

Chances are though, under 18s wouldn’t be interested in purchasing The Sun’s foray into the gaming world, as they’re far too busy playing the latest Zelda offering to worry about answering “what’s Keeley Kazell’s favourite brand of undies?”

It’ll be out in November on Mercury Games, for £19.99, where you’ll be able to try your luck with over 1,000 puzzles, and knowing them, upon completion of each puzzle, you probably get a flash of some Page 3 hotties. Form an orderly queue, gentlemen.

Mercury Games
(via Shiny Shiny)

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