PREVIEW: A-Men (PS Vita)

Sony may be touting the PS Vita almost solely on its handheld power, but Polish developers Bloober are harking back to gaming's puzzle roots with their Vita launch title, A-Men. One part Lemmings, one part The Lost Vikings and…

Taint your pure Nintendo DS with a smutty crossword puzzle game from The Sun

the-sun-DS-game.jpgGoodness knows what kind of words would appear in a crossword puzzle in jubblies-filled newspaper The Sun, but chances are, they’d be decidedly NSFW. Or kids, who are the primary demographic for the Nintendo DS.

Chances are though, under 18s wouldn’t be interested in purchasing The Sun’s foray into the gaming world, as…

Website of the Day: Barry is Puzzled

Today's Website of the Day is "Barry is Puzzled" – the puzzle website of Barry R Clarke. It's a selection of puzzles, films, and articles that should provide some entertainment….