Waterproof Freeview LCD TV for your bathroom


waterproof-bathroom-tv.jpgWatching TV in the bathroom – the height of luxury. You may as well be eating truffles out of Evangeline Lilly’s belly button, it is THAT MUCH FUN.

Usually the preserve of the rich and decadent, only the finest hotels and fanciest apartments give you the chance to watch Bruce Parry covered in animal poo from the superior comfort of a warm bath. But now you too can experience the dream of bath-based entertainment with the Digital Bathroom Television.

The price is a relatively non-decadent £940 for the cheapest 10.4″ version, rocketing to a Formula One driver’s birthday present to the mistress horror fee of £2876 for the full 32″ extravaganza. It comes with a heated front to avoid condensation, so will also come in handy if you like to sit very very close to the screen.

It even has Freeview, so you can indulge in some late night TV quiz phone in action while enjoying a relaxing soap-down from the security of the only room in the house with a lock on the door. If you know what I mean.

(Via Born Rich)

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One thought on “Waterproof Freeview LCD TV for your bathroom

  • It may be waterproof but you still have to plug it in right? The reason you don’t have these things in the bathroom is not that you don’t want them damaged but that you don’t want to die.

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