Samson's G-Track features the first USB condenser microphone, perfect for X Factor hopefuls


samson%20USB%20mic-photo.jpgFancy looking like that in your bedroom? It can be possible, with Samson’s G-Track USB microphone, however painfully-professional-howl not included.

It’s a complete condenser microphone, and the world’s first USB-capable one, at that. It’s everything you need to be the next Mike Skinner and record your debut album from your wardrobe, with an in-built audio interface and mixer. All you need to do is connect it to your chosen instrument (it works with pretty much anything), and the USB mic plugs into your computer (both fan-camps are easily pleased here), and start recording your one hit wonder. It’s £129, and is available now for all X Factor hopefuls. Except you, Chico.

Samson G-Track

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Katherine Hannaford
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