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It’s a bit of a cliche to say that MTV doesn’t play music videos any more: that might be true on its main channel, but then it’s got plenty of music-focused spin-offs (MTV2, MTV Base etc) for that.

Nevertheless, a number of Web 2.0 startups are working the ‘we get back to the days when MTV wasn’t full of annoying Jackass blokes and prom queens’ angle, serving up just music – except personalised to your tastes. The latest is, an offshoot of music recommendation service MyStrands.

It’s idiot-proof to use, too. You just type in a band you like, and it serves up a channel of YouTube videos from that artist, with an option to throw in vids from ‘similar’ bands too. I’ve just tried it for the Black Crowes, and it’s chucked up loads of storming live recordings. The idea isn’t new – check MOG TV for example – but it’s slick and nicely done. website

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