High-speed Eurostar trains hit the UK… at last!


fast-eurostar.jpgIt’s taken a while, but the high-speed Eurostar track in the UK has finally been christened, cutting the time between London and Paris to 2hrs 3min. The new track will allow trains to zip along at 199 miles per hour on this side of the Channel.

Don’t expect that kind of time when the new track goes into commercial operation though: Eurostar says it’s more likely to be around 2hrs 15mins. From 14th November, trains will be using the new track, departing from, London St Pancras station, rather than Waterloo.

It’s an important development for Eurostar, which has also been boosted by eco-concern over short-haul flights. The company says it’ll be able to get business travellers to London or Paris by 9am now. Oh, and Eurostar is also considering providing on-train Wi-Fi next year too, as an added advantage over flying.

(via I4U News)

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