Top five left-handed gadgets for Left Handed Day 2007!

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leftvirgin.jpg Your whole life you’ve been ostracised for being a darn lefty, you’ve had troubles using implements such as knives and scissors every day of your life. Of course, you’re blessed with an extra-creative mind, but that’s small compensation when you can’t even open a tin of baked beans. Today you can rejoice in all your left-handed glory however, as not only is it the international Left Handed Day 2007, but we’ve put together a list of the top five gadgets for lefties, enjoy.

1.) Virgin’s Sony Ericsson LH-Z200 mobile phone – it’s about three years old, but you can still find them lurking on eBay, where they have a unique keypad layout perfect for lefties, with the number keys positioned from right to left. It was £119.99 when it came out three years ago, but would obviously be significantly less now.

2.) Evoluent Mouse III – I’m sure for a left-hander, using a mouse is a mission and a half as you navigate the contoured shape designed for righties, not to mention the awkward position of buttons. Pricey at £68, the government should really subsidise costs of necessities such as the Evoluent Mouse III, which has been designed specially for southpaws.

3.) The SmudgeGuard – I thought writing had been made redundant by the computer, but if you’re still prone to the ol’ pen and paper, you probably struggle with smudging the words as you brush your hand over them. Enter The SmudgeGuard, which is made from nylon and spandex and protects the ink you’ve just laid down on paper. $9.99 to look like a real git, yet save your precious words.

swissarmyleft.jpg4.) Wenger Cheiftain Supreme Swiss army knife – why should righties be the only smug mugs, constantly pleasing people at picnics and dire situations when someone *really* needs a bottle opener/knife/tweezers/nail file? This left-handed knife from Wenger is £79.99 and contains the usual implements, but reversed for ease of use.

leftkeyboard.jpg5.) Left-handed standard keyboard – It comes from an online store called, so is obviously practical enough for all your computer needs. Better yet, the keys are A-shaped, which apparently prevents users from being affected with Repetitive Strain Injury. It’s been discounted down to £79.95.

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  • help – can you tell me what left handed camcorders there are on the market as I no longer have a right arm – it seems to be a r/handed photographic world!!!!!!!!



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