Goodmans launches Freeview 80GB/160GB digital recorders

Digital set-top boxes

Goodmans has launched two Freeview decoders with hard drive storage – the GHD8020F2 and the GHD1621F2.

Think of them as a halfway house between digital boxes and DVD recorders – you get a choice of drive (80GB or 160GB) to record up to 70 hours of digital TV. And with a twin tuner on the 160GB GHD1621F2, you can record one channel whilst watching another. Other features include one-touch set up, access to all the Freeview channels via EPG, a pause/rewind function for live TV and Series Linkage for recording a full run of a show.

Available on the high street, prices start at £130.

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One thought on “Goodmans launches Freeview 80GB/160GB digital recorders

  • Think of them as a Freeview box and DVD recorder? The whole point of these is that they have the Freeview Playback stamp which means they can pause, rewind, series-link record, etc and have a decent EPG. A Freeview version of the Sky+ box would be a much better analogy.

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