Singme launches MP3 and video karaoke downloads store

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singme.jpgThere’s nothing like belting out a note-perfect version of ‘My Way’ to a rapturous standing ovation from your friends. And sadly, when we try karaoke, it’s certainly nothing like note-perfect OR a standing ovation, etc etc.

Still, if you’re a karaoke nut, you’ll love Singme, a new site offering MP3 and video downloads to fuel your habit. The MP3s are just backing tracks for you to sing along to, while the videos have the lyrics on-screen, just as you’d get from a proper karaoke system.

Tunes cost 88 cents, while the videos cost $1.50 each. The latter come in a choice of WMV, DAT and MP4 to ensure they work on iPods, PSPs, mobile phones and personal media players. It looks like there’s a decent variety of tracks, including our favoured party-piece ‘Born To Be Wild’.

Singme website

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