Finally! Satnav AND karaoke in one convenient device!


inavi-g1.jpgIf your idea of passing long car journeys is impromptu sing-alongs – and if it isn’t, it should be – the iNavi G1 is a gadget sent Recorded Signed For from heaven.

The iNavi G1 is GPS device, one with a beefy processor and spec good enough to draw 3D maps of your travels. It comes with a “geomagnetic sensor” designed to help locate itself and still give you accurate travel tips even in low signal areas.

There’s a TV tuner for potentially life-threatening TV watching while driving, plus it supports nice and cheap SD cards for storing music, video and photos, so it can function as a full-power media player.

And it does karaoke. Although holding an imaginary microphone in one hand, squinting at the dash to read the lyrics, singing and controlling an automobile isn’t the safest way to cruise down the A30.

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Gary Cutlack
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