Visit the filming locations of all the Star Wars movies


tattooine.jpg Those boys over at Lost Weekend are churning out the geek holidays faster than you can recite Peter Kay’s infamous Teletext sketch, and probably causing many of our bank accounts to deplete day by day. Darn our insatiable geek prowess and longings for a holiday!

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the original Star Wars film, and if you fancy nothing more than visiting the filming locations for many of the movies, then jump over to our perennially-tanned brother, Lost Weekend. Scenes shot in Tunisia, Italy, China, Norway and California all get name-checked, and with details on how to get there and just what to look for, well, it’s easy-peasy. And if you need a laydee to accompany you on your journey, I’m sure I could rustle up a gold bikini and some hair-buns. Particularly if you resemble Han Solo…

Lost Weekend’s Star Wars filming locations

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