16 days researching our holidays online – that's longer that the actual break


In this day of instant online booking, virtual tickets and last-minute deals, it’s good to know that the British people are still as useless as ever when booking a holiday. Or should that be tight-fisted?

According to a new survey, two thirds of adults claim they get slightly obsessed with checking price comparison sites to ensure they get the best possible deal when going away, with 90 per cent getting angry when they hear someone has bagged a better deal. That means the average Brit spends 16 days on the net researching a holiday that lasts an average of nine days.

Broken down, that’s 10 days to pick a destination, then five days to choose a hotel. And another 22 hours looking for sights to see. Even the weather of our chosen holiday hotspot is closely monitored – with 60 per cent even admitting to checking the forecasts every day in the run-up to their annual break.

A spokesman for Foundem (who undertook the survey) said: “None of us wants to find that the person on the next sun bed has paid less for the identical holiday.” How true – but if you don’t ask them, you’ll never know.

Foundem website

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