MySpace loses ground in Britain

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MyS.jpgIT’S no surprise but MySpace is starting to feel the heat from Bebo and Facebook in the UK.

New figures on social networking in Britain show the Rupert Murdoch-owned site under pressure to attract new audiences and to hold onto its market-leading share.

Research firm Nielsen/NetRatings say May saw a drop in UK traffic to MySpace with Bebo and Facebook both posting rises.

In fact, Facebook has grown by more than 500% in the last six months and it’s now more popular in Britain than in the US, where it first started in colleges and universities.

Nielsen claim 10% of UK internet users visited Facebook in May, compared to 9% of US online users.

Alex Burmaster of Nielsen/NetRatings added: “If the April to May growth rates were to remain consistent, both Bebo and Facebook would catch MySpace in September this year.”

Of course, MySpace still holds a big lead in pure number terms with 6.5million UK users, while Bebo has 4million and 3.2million on Facebook.

Users spent an average 96 minutes on MySpace in May, but Bebo users surfed for 152 minutes and Facebook’s growing army of fans spent 143 minutes on that site.

Amazingly, around half a million British users visited all three services in May.

It seems like we’ve all got a lot of mates out there but how many do we actually know!


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