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facebook-beers.jpgFacebook is going from strength to strength, as the nation’s thirtysomethings finally find a social network that doesn’t make them feel like a pervy uncle. And new Facebook applications are springing up by the hour, as users get the hang of customising their profiles with all manner of widgety goodness.

Since I missed last week, here’s a double helping of new Facebook apps that’ll make you look even more ahead-of-the-curve to your Friends. Maybe.

1. Beers. Does what it says on the tinny – when you’re quaffing a decent pint, share the beery love with your friends. GET IT

2. Tag Cloud. This app creates a little tag cloud on your profile, which lets your friends label you with whatever descriptive words they like (‘cool’, ‘stylish’, ‘alcoholic’…) GET IT

3. Art. Hang classic art and photography on your profile, choosing from thousands of available works. Have they got the Athena tennis girl poster? GET IT

4. Tarot. Your own personal set of Tarot cards, representing influences that’ll stay with you throughout your life. If you draw Death, remember it means you’ll kill indiscriminately nothing. GET IT

5. Console Identities. A nifty way to display your Xbox Live Gamertag, PlayStation Network ID, or Wii Friend Code on your Facebook profile. Not got any of these? N00b. GET IT

6. Pope Quotes. Famous quotes from the spiritual leaders of the Catholic Church in ur profile. Like “NO NO NO Tony Blair, you cannot convert to Catholicism you running dog of the protestant warmongerers!” Oh, hang on, that’s Ian Paisley… GET IT

7. SlideShare. Share your PowerPoint or PDF presentations with all your Facebook contacts. Because they’re interested in your latest set of quarterly figures. GET IT

8. I Have Never. Y’know, the drinking game, where you have to say something you’ve never done, and any mate who’s done it has to drink. Except virtual (and ultimately less messy). GET IT

9. Fantasy Stock Exchange. BUY! SELL! TAKE ME TO A LAP-DANCING CLUB! Yes, live out your fantasies of being a top wheeler-dealer, managing a $10 million portfolio of virtual shares. GET IT

10. Stuff I Hate. Facebook’s profiles let you tell everyone what you like, but what about the stuff you hate? This app lets you vent your rage. GET IT

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  • I’d have to say photoslide, by far cooler than any of those (well except pope quotes of course). That spinning flash interactive slideshow whatchamacallit! Its ridiculous, right?

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