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dogbook-facebook.gifFacebook’s new Applications section goes from strength to strength, with a wide array of Web 2.0 companies producing widgets for the social networking site.

Every week, I’m going to pick out five of the more interesting ones (this week, it’s six if you count my previous post about the Plus app). Anyway, on with this week’s collection of Facebook apps destined for your profile.

1. Chizzat. A live chat application that once installed, lets you tap out messages to friends and strangers alike, while also using audio and video chat features if you’ve got the necessary equipment. 307 users so far, get in while it’s still unknown. Get it

2. Countries Visited Map. Show off your globetrotting with this interactive world map, which highlights the countries you’ve been to, and also lets you see where your friends have been too. 41,701 users. Get it

3. Top Friends. It was only a matter of time before MySpace-style friend hierarchies made it onto Facebook. This app lets you add a box of up to 24 of your very top friends to your profile. Don’t be surprised if people left off ditch you within days. 1,115,945 users. Get it

4. Dogbook. Haven’t put your pet pooch on Facebook yet? What are you waiting for? Dogbook lets you create a profile for the little fella, tag him/her in photos, and find other dogs in your area to meet up for a bum-sniffing session. 4,305 users so far. Get it

5. Rupture. The ultimate Facebook app for anyone who’s a World of Warcraft nut (and there are plenty of you out there). Rupture puts a box on your profile page drawing in character pics and stats, so you can show off your Level 10 Blood Elf. Or whatever. 1,316 users. Get it

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