Apple insider reveals iPhone's secrets


iphone-in-hand.jpgActually, there are plenty of ‘insiders’ coming out of the woodwork to spill the beans on how iPhone performs – probably more insiders than there are actual Apple employees.

Anyway, the latest set of hands-on impressions is at least juicy. Apparently the iPhone comes with email set up for AOL, Gmail and Hotmail out of the box. It’s got a SIM slot but no easily replaceable battery.

Web browsing is pretty fast (but not as fast as it would be on 3G, obviously), you have to carry it around in a pouch, and, er, it’s probably worth half the asking price of $500-$600. Oh, and there’s a “super top-secret feature”, which means we can start those GPS rumours rumbling again.

(via iPhonic)

Stuart Dredge
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