Total HD dual-format Blu-ray/HD-DVD discs delayed


warner%20bros%20logo-thumb.jpgWarner’s combined HD-DVD and Blu-ray super disc format it calls Total HD has had its launch pushed back to 2008.

It was hoped the new combined format would appear this year, and might go some way toward ending the ludicrously pointless HD format war – thanks to the new combined discs working on both HD-DVD and Blu-ray players.

But no. Warner’s marketing man Steve Nickerson said “There is no expiration date on the viability of this concept, so we’re not in a rush to do it,” also adding “we’ll do it when it makes sense and when it’s right.”

Which presumably means when the general public starts getting interested in HD disc formats, which doesn’t seem to be happening outside geek circles at the moment.

Warner is still bravely pushing on with separate Blu-ray and HD-DVD releases though, which at least 200 people around the world will be pleased to hear.

Via (High-Def Digest)

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