LG's BH100 hybrid high definition disc player comes to market, minus HD DVD logo

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supermultiblue.jpgJust when it seemed that the high definition optical disc format war was over, thanks to the first combo player, along comes the HD DVD forum and states that the player can’t be called HD DVD certified.

Well, that hasn’t stopped LG releasing it into the wild. Just because it doesn’t support the iHD interactive functions of HD DVD, it doesn’t mean they’re not willing to sell it.

Now, you might argue that a HD DVD player that only plays a disc but doesn’t have access to the interactivity is a little lame. Indeed, the machine isn’t allowed to carry the “HD DVD” badge, nor call itself an HD DVD player.

It’ll still command the hefty $1200 price tag, for something that does everything (we presume) a Blu-ray player does, has a half-arsed attempt at supporting ‘the other format’, and is significantly more expensive.

Will consumers fall for that? Some will, probably, but LG are going to need to get this fixed. Could it be as simple as a firmware upgrade, or might a whole second generation of LGs potential hybrid player be required?

We’ll have to wait and see. So far it’s the only player that we know of that comes close to supporting both formats. It’s still due out in February.

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