BongXedo wearable beer bong


bongxedoblue.jpgBeer bongs, hmm? What are they good for? Getting absolutely twonked, that’s what. But not everyone wants to cobble together a couple of rubber tubes and a big funnel to get their super-binge-drinking kicks. For those connoisseurs, I present… BongXedo.

It turns beer-chugging into a participation sport, since one person wears the device, while others swig beer from the nozzles, which are positioned at waist height. At last, Twister has a rival for Most Sexually-Charged Party Game.

Anyway, BongXedo can hold up to three beers, and it has ‘defoamers’ to ensure you’re not left tapping your feet while the booze settles. It comes in blue, red or “multi-coloured” variants, not that you’ll notice after your first go, and costs $39.99 from Yes, that site really exists.

BongXedo wearable beer bong (via Liquor Snob)

Stuart Dredge
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