University team squeezes 500GB onto a single DVD

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Personally, I’m still mildly impressed with the storage of 25GB for a single layer high-def disc, let alone 50GB on a dual-layer disc. But that’s not pushing limits anywhere near as far as they can go – one university team has packed in 500GB onto a single disc.

The University of Berlin, with partners Budapest University of Technology and Economics and Universita Politecnica delle Marche in Italy, has developed a microholographic recording technique, using nanostructures inside the disk rather than on the surface as in conventional optical storage systems. This boosts storage capacity far beyond what’s on offer commercially. And that’s not then end of it – Professor Susanna Orl told German site Pressetext that this could be boosted to one terabyte of data.

The research is for the development of long-term storage. Personally, I’m looking at my film and music collection on a couple of discs.

University website

Via The Register

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